2019 Study of the United States Institute on U.S. National Security Policymaking

The U.S. Embassy Minsk is pleased to announce a competition for the 2019 Study of the United States Institute on U.S. National Security Policymaking.

 This program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and will cover all participant costs. The Institute will take place from January 3 to February 15, 2019 at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE.

The SUSI for Scholars on U.S. National Security Policymaking will provide a group of 18 scholars and professionals from different countries with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the foundations of U.S. national security policy and current threats facing the United States.  The Institute focuses on the formulation of U.S. foreign and national security policy and the role of the federal government, think-tanks, media, and public opinion in shaping that policy. The Institute will be hosted by the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.

The program will examine U.S. national security policy continuities and changes throughout different presidential administrations.  The Institute will encourage intellectual engagement, reflection, and interaction with U.S.-based experts to deepen scholar knowledge of the foundations and formulation of U.S. national security policy.

The program focuses on four interconnected modules:

  1. The U.S. view of the world and its place in the global system;
  2. Terrorism and national security in the U.S. and abroad;
  3. U.S. immigration and refugee policies;
  4. The search for the right balance between unilateralism and multilateralism.

Each week, scholars will participate in academic sessions, roundtable discussions with U.S. national security experts, and conversations with the broader Newark, Delaware community on key thematic topics. The Institute participants will also travel to San Antonio and Austin, Texas; New York City, New York; Washington, D.C.; and other regional locales.

Study of the U.S. Institutes is a highly competitive global program.  As a general rule, no more than one participant per country will be selected. Priority will be given to candidates who have firm plans to enhance, update, or develop courses and/or educational materials with a U.S. studies focus or component; who have no prior or limited experience in the United States; and who have special interest in the program subject areas as demonstrated through past scholarship, accomplishments, and professional duties.

  • Candidates should be mid-career, highly-motivated and experienced scholars and professionals generally from institutions of higher education or research focused organizations (not-for-profits, think tanks, etc.).  While the educational level of participants will likely vary, most should have graduate degrees and have substantial knowledge of the thematic area of the Institute or a related field.
  • Candidates must demonstrate English language fluency.
  • The Study of the United States Institute on U.S. National Security Policymaking is rigorous and demanding program; participants will be expected to handle substantial reading assignments in English and to fully and actively participate in all seminar and panel discussions.
  • Candidates should be willing and able to fully take part in an intensive post-graduate level academic program and study tour.

Deadline for applications is Monday, October 1, 2018.

Download application (PDF)