Information Resource Center

Information resource center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) is the research and reference service of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus. The IRC serves to support all programs of the U.S. Mission in Belarus by providing current, authoritative information about the United States and on issues of importance to the US-Belarus relations.

Outreach and Programming

The IRC conducts programs for high school and university students, English-language and American Studies specialists, and the library and information science community of Belarus.

The IRC staff engages its audiences through daily information outreach programs on a number of social media platforms.  The IRC staff can access key U.S. official documents, selected articles from U.S. Government social media and other official sites for interested individuals.

The IRC offers high quality reference and research services to Belarusian community. The IRC staff assists individuals in locating information related to academic and professional research interests in the United States.


  • High speed Internet connectivity to current government and public information about the United States;
  • Access to eLibraryUSA – a comprehensive online library of about 50 commercial databases;
  • Access to a Reference book collection;
  • U.S. Government publications;
  • Thematic travelling exhibits and poster shows;
  • 3D and Makerspace technology.

Business Hours

The IRC resources are accessible by appointment on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To make an appointment please feel free to call +375 17 211-06-76; or, submit a request on one of our social media platforms in Facebook and Vkontakte, or, send an e-mail to  The IRC is closed on U.S. and Belarusian holidays.  All resources and services are free.

Partner Libraries

Resources, reference services, educational and cultural programs about the United Sates are also available at the following public libraries in Belarus:

  1. Baranovichi Central City Library
    51/53, Lenin St., Baranovichi
    phone (0163) 40 36 90
  1. Borisov Central District Library
    3, Chapaev St., Borisov
    phone (01777) 76-15-70
  1. Brest Regional Public Library
    48, Kosmonavty Blvd, Brest
    phone (0162) 59 21 74
  1. Gomel Universal Regional Library
    2A, Pobeda Sq., Gomel
    phone (0232) 33 90 84
  1. Grodno Scientific Regional Library
    17, Ozheshko St., Grodno
    phone (152) 72 36 09
  1. Minsk Regional Public Library
    4, Gikalo St., Minsk
    phone (017) 293 69 24
  1. Mogilev Regional Scientific and Technical Library
    19, Cosmonavtov St., Mogilev
    phone (0222) 23 59 34
  1. Molodechno Central District Library
    121, V.Gastinets St., Molodechno
    phone (0176) 74 72 91
  1. Pinsk Central City Library
    15, Gorky St., Pinsk
    phone (0165) 32 41 55
  1. Polotsk Central District Library
    15, Gogol St., Polotsk
    phone (0214) 44 34 51
  1. Vitebsk Library of  Foreign Literature
    4,  Smolenskaya St., Vitebsk
    phone (0212) 47 40 63