Embassy Minsk Announcement on Expanded Visa Services and No Extra Cost For One-Year, Multiple Entry Visas

The Embassy of the United States in Minsk is pleased to announce expanded visa services for the first time since 2008. Starting August 4, the Embassy will accept applications for F (Student), M (Vocational Student), and J (Exchange Visitor) non-immigrant visa categories.

All applicants applying for F, M, and J visas in Minsk should follow the standard application procedures found on the Embassy web site at https://by.usembassy.gov/visas/. Individuals who earlier could apply for a visa at Embassy Minsk, including Belarusian citizens over 70 years of age and others listed on our website, may still do so.

All other visa or applicant categories otherwise not listed above must continue to apply at U.S. embassies in neighboring countries. The Embassy will explore other categories in which to expand visa services in the future.

Separately, beginning July 16, all Belarusian citizens, regardless of place of application, will be eligible to receive a one-year, multiple entry visa at no extra cost if their visa applications are approved.  This applies to all Non-Immigrant Visas. These changes are being implemented because the Government of Belarus has reduced visa fees for U.S. citizens, including on a multiple-entry tourist visa.

Additional information on these visa fee reductions for Belarusian citizens will be posted on the Embassy Minsk website.