Renovation of U.S. Embassy Minsk, Belarus


Renovation of U.S. Embassy Minsk, Belarus

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations is requesting submissions of interest from construction firms for a multi-year renovation project on the U.S. Embassy compound located at 46 Starovilenskaya St., in the Storozhovka neighborhood.  Interest is being solicited from both American-owned and Non-American owned firms to participate in this project. Section 11 of the Foreign Service Buildings Act of 1926, as amended, (22 U.S.C. 302), known as the “Percy Amendment,” applies to the project described in this announcement.

This is a design-build construction project.  Estimated construction cost is in excess of $15M USD.  The Solicitation will include a statement of work, drawings and specifications, standards, and criteria for the project that set out the project scope, design and construction process, post-construction activities, codes and standards, and security requirements.

Qualified construction firms with the proven capabilities and a satisfactory past performance record that wish to participate in this solicitation shall submit a letter of interest in writing to Charles Krips and Gloria Paul by email: and The letter of interest shall include the following information

Project Name
Company Name
Company Address
Company DUNS Number
Company Telephone Number
Company FAX Number
Contact Person
Contact Person E-Mail Address
Contact Person Telephone Number

Your letter of interest and any questions you may have must be submitted to the email addresses listed above no later than March 16, 2021.  The solicitation is scheduled to be released in April 2021.  If you have any questions, contact the persons listed above.