Additional Resources for U.S. Citizens

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.

Welcome to American Citizen Services

Several hundred American citizens live and work in Belarus.  Many more visit every year. The Department of State, through its Embassy in Minsk, provides a range of routine and emergency services for Americans who live in Belarus or who are just visiting.

This assistance includes but is not limited to, Passport services, Notary services, and Consular Reports of Births Abroad. We offer our services on Tuesdays  and Thursdays by appointment only. The Embassy also assists in emergencies, including deaths, arrests and crisis situations.

All of our American citizen services require your presence at the Embassy. Please Click here to make or cancel appointment for passport-related applications, Reports of Birth Abroad for children or notary services.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk is located at 46 Starovilenskaya, Minsk, 220002 Belarus.  We can be reached by:

  • telephone, +375-17-210-1283 any working day from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM;
  • fax +375-17-217-7160;
  • or email

In the case of an emergency involving an American citizen, call +375-17-210-1283 or +375-29-676-0134 (after hours).  American citizens visiting or residing in Belarus should note that the emergency number for the Belarusian police is – 102, ambulance – 103, rescue and fire department – 101.

U.S. citizens may receive Social Security and other Federal benefits payments while residing in Belarus.  However, exception requirements must be met to receive Social Security benefits in Belarus.  Social Security Administration restrictions prohibit direct deposit of funds to bank accounts in Belarus, or sending your payments to anybody else while you are in Belarus.  For more information on receiving benefits while overseas, please visit the Social Security Administration website .

If you qualify for an exception, your benefit payments will either be sent to the U.S. Embassy in Belarus, or direct deposited in to your U.S. bank account.  Benefit checks sent to the Embassy must be picked up by the beneficiary in person; they may not be mailed to you or picked up by anybody else.  Also, to receive benefits in Belarus, whether via check or direct deposit, the beneficiary must appear in person at the U.S. Embassy every three months.  Failure to do so may result in your benefits payments being stopped.

Regional Federal Benefits Office

The Regional Federal Benefits Office with responsibility for Belarus is located at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

All inquiries should be submitted to the Federal Benefits Unit in Warsaw in writing to the following addresses:

by e-mail to:

IMPORTANT: If possible, please avoid sending unsolicited attachments. If an attachment is absolutely necessary, please make sure that it is no bigger than 1 MB.

by fax to: +48 22 504 2281 or

by mail to: U.S. Embassy Warsaw
Federal Benefits Unit
ul. Piekna 12
00-539 Warsaw

To obtain information you may also call us at: +48 22 504 2112 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Individuals needing more information about federal benefits are encouraged to visit the following websites:

As a U.S. citizen or resident alien, your worldwide income is generally subject to U.S. income tax. We can provide you with the addresses of state tax departments where you may write for individual state tax forms. We cannot, however, offer tax advice. You may also visit the IRS website at for more information.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides 2016 tax filing guidance for U.S. taxpayers living abroad.  Links to the IRS guidance are available on theFederal Benefits and Obligations page on

A Consular Officer can notarize certain documents for use in the United States. If you need to sign a document or make a sworn statement in the presence of a Public Notary, the cost is $50. If you need a True Copy, certifying under official seal that a copy or extract made from an official or private document is a true copy, the cost also is $50.

To schedule an appointment please click here.

NOTE: The Embassy is not authorized to provide apostilles or assist in obtaining them. If you have a document which needs an apostille, you should contact the relevant authority in the State where your document was issued. More information on apostilles can be found here.

A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent usually acquires U.S. citizenship at birth. Parents should contact the Consular Section as soon as possible after the child’s birth. Several documents are required for the issuance of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, which becomes the child’s proof of U.S. citizenship and can be used to receive a U.S. passport. For more information regarding a Consular Report of Birth, please visit the following website:

To schedule an appointment please click here.

Americans should safeguard passports as they would any other valuable.

In order to issue an American passport, we must have proof of identity and citizenship. If you are renewing a valid or recently expired passport, your passport will serve as proof of both identity and citizenship. Otherwise to prove your identity, you need to provide a photo ID, such as a driver’s license. To prove citizenship, you need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or other similar documents. All passport applicants must provide two identical 2×2 inch (5×5 cm) photos in either color or black and white with a white background.

American citizens residing or traveling abroad who require issuance of a U.S. passport are issued the latest, state-of-the-art passport incorporating a photo-digitized image and other enhanced security features. U.S. Embassies and Consulates achieve this goal by transferring the passport issuance function to a domestic U.S. passport facility. Passports are generally issued within ten working days from time of application.

Application forms can be found here.

Current fees

To schedule an appointment please click here.

Embassy Minsk offers the following list of Medical Resources for the information of American citizens. The Embassy does not endorse or recommend any of the following, but provides this information for your convenience.

 Physicians and Clinics

1 Gikalo St.

111 (from Minsk) or +375 17 284-7220 from elsewhere.
Professional consultation center/clinic consisting of specialists in all major areas.

4 Tolstogo St.
160 (from Minsk) or +375 17 207-7474
Specialists in all major areas; some doctors speak English.

45 Masherova Ave.
+375 17 211-2861 or +375 17 211-2543
British-Belarusian Medical center. Specialists in all major areas.

Nordin Medical Center
47B Surganova St.
159 (from Minsk); +375 17 296-6282
New Medical Center with specialists in all major areas and up to date equipment. There is a swimming pool and a fitness center.

Baltic American Medical & Surgical Clinic Vilnius University Antakalnio Hospital
124 Antakalno St.Vilnius,

Lithuania 2040
+370 2 34-2020 or 76-7942
The clinic is a Lithuanian-American Joint Venture located in leased facilities within the Vilnius University Antakalno Hospital. Vilnuis is about two hours away from Minsk by car; Americans do not need visas to enter Lithuania, but will need a valid Belarusian visa to return.

Richard J. Cervin M.D.Med General and Private Clinic
1 Gedimino  A-19 (2nd Floor), Vilnius
+370 2 61 3534
He is authorized by the U.S. Embassy Vilnius for medical exam for Immigrant visas.


Dr. Larisa Pushkarova
Cell phone + 375-29-314-47-02;  home +375-17-385-64-88.
Surgical Center. Back-up physician for US Embassy Minsk. Speaks English.

Private Dentists

4 Tostogo St.
+375 17 232-4152; 207 74 74
24 hour all kinds of dental help. Modern equipment.

58 Skoryny Ave.
+375 17 232-4152; 284-4511
Modern equipment, western standards.

Lode (has several locations)
1 Gikalo St. near TSUM store
+375 17 331-0003
Modern standards, up to date equipment

Nordin Medical Center
47B Surganova St.
159 (from Minsk) +375 17 237-7456 or 237-7458
Modern equipment, skillful dentists

If you plan to get married in Belarus, you must plan ahead. There are several documents you will need to obtain both in the U.S. and Belarus.

This information is provided for general information only and may not be totally accurate in every case. Questions involving interpretation of specific foreign laws should be addressed to the foreign embassy or consulate, the foreign law division of the Library of Congress, or a foreign attorney.

Note: Only marriages performed at a registrar’s office (ZAGS – Office for Matrimonial Acts Registration) are legally valid in Belarus. A church ceremony may be held later, if desired. It is important to remember that all documents submitted must be translated into Russian (or Belarusian) and that the processing, in most cases, will require time. (The application fee and marriage registration service fee is about $7 charged in local currency, and subject to minor cost fluctuations.)

Marriage registration is preceded by filing a marriage application with the ZAGS assigned to the area where the Belarusian fiancé(e) resides. Applications should be filed by both fiancé(e)s who certify their intention to get married by signing the application in the presence of a ZAGS representative. According to Belarusian laws, a marriage can not be registered sooner than 3 or later than 90 calendar days after it was applied for.

Below is a list of documents to be submitted to the registrar’s office (ZAGS) by the engaged couple:

  • Passport translated into Russian: translation must be notarized by a local notary public.
  • Certificate of Free Status (Certificate of Non-Impediment) – required of all foreigners marrying in Belarus.  ZAGS offices generally accept an “Affidavit of Free Status” executed before an American Consul in Belarus or before a notary public in the U.S. In the latter case, the affidavit should be translated into Russian and authenticated in accordance with the Hague Legalization Convention, and bear an apostille. See the State Department web site for additional information on the Hague Legalization Convention and its procedures. Documents issued in the U.S. can be authenticated only in the U.S. The state where the document is issued will need to affix the apostille. To schedule an appointment please click here.

In case the “Certificate of Free Status” lists the American fiancé(e)’s status as “divorced” or “widowed” a divorce decree or death certificate is required. In both instances the document must be translated into Russian and have an apostille affixed to it.

After the marriage is performed, a marriage certificate will be issued by ZAGS. For further use outside Belarus, the certificate should bear an apostille from the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in Minsk (37a Karl Marx Street, Minsk 220030, tel. +375 (172) 222661; an equivalent of $12 is charged in local currency for each apostille) or at the appropriate Belarusian consulate abroad. We recommend that you do this in Minsk, as otherwise the cost can be prohibitive.

Prior to travel to Belarus, U.S. citizens are urged to review the Consular Information Sheet, and any pertinent Public Announcements or Travel Warnings.

For additional information on fiancé(e) or immigrant visas for a spouse see


All U.S. citizens residing in Belarus are encouraged to register with the Embassy’s Consular Section. American citizens visiting Belarus for short periods may also register.

To register, present your U.S. passport at the Consular Section and complete a registration form. There is no charge for this service.

To register and submit your consular registration form online visit the following website:

Registrations allow us to:

  • replace your passport quickly if it is lost or stolen
  • contact you in case your relatives need to pass you an emergency message
  • release information about you or your whereabouts to family or friends you wish to designate in a Privacy Act Waiver

Registration with Belarusian authorities

U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Belarus are required to register with the local office of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior (formerly OVIR) within five business days of arrival. In other words, U.S. citizens who are staying in Belarus no more than 5 business days (plus a weekend) are not required to register. The registration fee is currently approximately $6 (the exact amount can be calculated by taking half of one National Minimum Tariff Unit) regardless of the duration of stay.  Failure to register can result in fines and difficulties when departing.  U.S. citizens staying in hotels are automatically registered at check-in. Registration performed by a hotel is free of charge.

Starting January 2, 2019, foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus can register online through a single portal of electronic services at, without visiting the internal affairs agency in person. This administrative procedure is free and can be used by foreigners who entered the Republic of Belarus at any checkpoint.

To extend the registration period, a foreigner must visit the Citizenship and Migration Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for the place of his/her stay in Belarus.

Foreigners who arrived in the Republic of Belarus through the Border with the Russian Federation should apply for registration in person at the Citizenship and Migration Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for the place of his/her stay in Belarus.

Consular Information Sheet

The State Department maintains Consular Information Sheets on every country of the world, providing basic information on travel conditions and contact information for American Embassies and Consulates.

The Consular Section also maintains current information on travel advisories issued by the State Department.

Family Emergencies in the United States

If your family needs to contact you because of an emergency at home or because they are worried about your welfare and can not reach you directly, they may call the Consular Section at (375 17) 210-12-83. If you cannot contact the Embassy directly, you may call the State Department’s Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747. This number is available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays). Callers who are unable to use toll-free numbers, such as those calling from overseas, may obtain information and assistance during these hours by calling 1-317-472-2328. The State Department will relay the message to the Consular Section. We will try to locate you to pass on the message, and, consistent with the Privacy Act, will report back to your family. Registering with the Consular Section upon arrival greatly facilitates our ability to locate you in the event of an emergency.

The U.S. Embassy cannot become involved in private legal disputes, such as those between you and a Belarusian citizen. In these circumstances, we recommend you retain an attorney. The Consular Section maintains a list of local attorneys for your convenience.

This list of attorneys and law firms is provided by the American Embassy as a convenience to United States citizens. It is not meant to be a complete list of attorneys in Belarus, and the absence of an attorney from the list is in no way a reflection on competence. Inclusion on the list is based primarily on the attorneys having provided the Embassy with information on their background, practice and foreign language capability.

The American Embassy in Minsk assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or facilities listed. Fees and the legal services to be provided are a matter for agreement solely between the individual and his attorney.


of Minsk City Bar Association

Ul. Bogdanovicha, 70

Minsk 220100

Phone:+375 17 334-45-08



Languages: Russian, English

Areas of Specialization: civil, business, corporate, criminal, employment and labor law, inheritance issues.

Bakinovskaya, Tatyana ladimirovna

Minsk 220100

Prospect Partizanskiy, 91

phone:+375 17 2957518

fax:+375 17 2965683

Areas of specialization: civil matters, estate, foreign investment, raw material investment, licensing.

Languages: speaks no English, can provide interpreter.

Beliy, Igor Petrovich

Grodno 230025

Ul. K. Marksa, 15

phone:+375 152 770066

fax:+375 152 770066

cell phone:+375 292 882947

Areas of specialization: adoption, business, children’s trusteeship, estate, divorce, car accidents, criminal cases, contracts, dispute resolutions with foreign partners.

Languages: Russian and English

Goriachko, Dmitry

Moscow District of the City of Minsk Bar Association

Minsk 220007

Moskovskaya Ul., 10

phone:+375 29 6102910

Areas of specialization: Criminal and civil law

Languages: Russian

Kalinina, Irina Yuryevna

Minsk 220005

Ul. Krasnaya, 18

phone:+375 17 2846883

fax:+375 17 2843839

Areas of specialization: criminal law, business, civil matters, estate, contracts, dispute resolutions, foreign investments, raw material investments, market agreements, corporation organization.

Languages: Russian and English.

Pyrskiy, Leopold Vitoldovich

Lida 231300

Ul. Pobedy, 61

phone:+375 1545 21361;+375 1545 24495

Areas of specialization: mainly criminal matters, also civil matters, divorce, car accidents, collections, immigration.

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.

Puzhevich, Alina Stanislavovna 

Vitebsk  210026

Ul. Sovetskaya, 2aphone:+375 212 369262;+375 212 362472

Areas of specialization: criminal and civil matters, divorce, car accidents, contracts, dispute resolutions with foreign partners, foreign investments.

Languages: Russian, speaks no English

Shvakov, Alexei Ivanovich

Minsk City Board of Lawyers, Chairman

Minsk 220050

50 B Zakharova

phone:+375 17 2852105;+375 17 2852718

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.

Chaichits, Viktor Ivanovich

Minsk Region Board of Lawyers, Chairman

Minsk 220703

Vokzalnaya 44

phone:+375 17 2006183

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.

Legal Firms

Advocates bureau “Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners”

11-220 Intarnacyjanalnaja Str.

Minsk 220030 Belarus

tel/fax:+375 17 226-16-63

tel.mob.:+375 29 639 16 60



Languages: Russian, English

Areas of Specialization:  business, tax, finance, civil disputes

Borovtsov & Salei

Vasiliy Salei

Valentin Borovtsov

4 Svobody Square, Room 315

Minsk 220030

phone: +375 17 2934418

fax: +375 17 2934422

Deloitte & Touche Belarus

Minsk 220030

Ul. Korolia, 51

phone:+375 17 2000353

Vlasova, Michel & Partners

Ms. Lilia Vlasova

Masherova Ave, 76А, 4th Floor

Minsk, 220035

Phone:+ 375 (17) 203 84 96/67


Belarus Consulting

Ulf Schneider/Sven Henniger

Minsk 220012

Ul. Surganova, 29

Phone:+375 (44) 732 89 29



Areas of Specialization:  business, tax, finance.
Les Edelman, J.D., Edelman Tax Services

Offices in Belgrade and Budapest

Belgrade Tel:+381-64-376-2740

Budapest Tel:+36-70-215-9267



Areas of Specialization: tax services to Americans overseas—serving U.S. taxpayers in the East Europe, Caucasus/States and North Africa regions.

Arzinger & Partners

169 Nezavisimosti Ave, office 304C

Minsk 220114 Belarus

Tel.:+375 (17) 218-10-55

Fax:+375 (17) 218-10-54

Mob.:+375 (29) 304 34 11

Mob.:+375 (29) 851 10 54



Languages: Russian, English, German Areas of Specialization:  investment activities, finance, corporate, tax, dispute resolution, employment and labor law.

Legal Center “Erudite”

Gazety Pravda Ave., office 11B

Minsk 220116

Republic of Belarus

Phone: +375 17 277 97 08



Areas of specialization: Commercial Law, Company Law, Civil Law, Financial Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, Dispute resolution, Assistance in Investment procedure, Audit.

Languages: Russian, English

Stepanovski, Papakul and Partners Attorneys at Law

Alexander Stepanovski

16 Kuibyshev Street, 4th Floor

Minsk 220029

Phone: +375 17 2881313

Fax: +375 17 2048672



Languages: Russian, English, French, Polish

Stepanovski, Papakul and Partners Attorneys at Law

Alexander Stepanovski
16 Kuibyshev Street, 4th Floor

Minsk 220029

Phone: +375 17 2881313

Fax: +375 17 2048672



Languages: Russian, English, French, Polish

Allford Morisson LLC


Contact person: Mr. Andrey Belenky

Address: 6A Skryganova str., office 27, Minsk, Republic of Belarus



Areas of specialization:

– Migration law

– Corporate law

– Debts collection

– Real estate and development

Languages: English, French

U.S. citizens traveling through Belarus to other countries are strongly reminded that there is a transit visa requirement for entering and leaving Belarus. Transit visas should be obtained prior to any journey that requires travel through Belarus. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Russian visas are no substitute for this transit visa. Most travel agencies, including those in Russia and CIS countries as well as train ticket sales personnel, are often not aware of this visa requirement and may not seek a transit visa for a traveler unless instructed by the traveler to do so. U.S. citizens traveling to Belarus via Russia are reminded that they must possess a Russian transit visa in addition to their Belarusian visa.

U.S. citizens attempting to transit Belarus without a valid Belarusian transit visa have been denied entry into the country and forcibly removed from trains. There have also been numerous situations involving American citizens traveling through Belarus by train without transit visas who have been required to disembark while in transit. In some instances local border and train authorities have threatened passengers with jail or extorted “fines” when it was learned that they did not possess a valid transit visa. In some cases, American citizens have been subjected to rude and threatening treatment including body and baggage searches. American citizens are advised not to pay any border or train officials for transit visas as these officials are not authorized to issue such visas. Nor should Americans pay “transit visa fines.” Americans finding themselves in Belarus without transit visas should, if confronted by border or train personnel, demand to be put in contact with consular officials at the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.

In addition to the above, the Belarusian government sometimes enforces a requirement for special permits to travel in “protected border zones.” The Government of Belarus has not provided information defining the parameters of those zones. Travelers should be alert for warning signs, road barriers, and/or border guard posts, and are advised not to cross into such areas without permission.